Welcome to the Great Ormond Street Hospital's Nurses League
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AGM September 2014

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Our Funds
Benevolent Fund
The Charity’s  objectives are for the relief of need, hardship or distress amongst past or present members of the Nurses League and dependants of members who have died.

Bursary Fund
The object of the bursary fund is to offer financial assistance to members wishing to undertake further professional education or research with relevance to paediatric nursing.

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About Us Heading


Early Days

On October 31st, 1936 Miss Dorothy Lane addressed the nurses gathered to receive prizes and certificates. She suggested that a Nurses League should be formed, which was endorsed by those present.
The inaugural meeting of the League took place on February 15th 1937. Miss Tisdale was appointed as President and Miss Lane became chairman of the committee. It was decided that the League should:-

  1. 1. Form a social and professional bond of union between past and present members of staff
  2. 2. Maintain hospital ideals of work and conduct
  3. 3. Endeavour to promote professional interests

These ideals largely remain true today.

Membership was available on payment of two shillings and six pence annually or two guineas for life membership (this would include receiving the journal).
The date for the AGM would be at the end of October each year and the executive committee would meet every three months. A league badge was available priced six shillings and sixpence.

By April 1937 the League had 91 members.

The first general meeting was held on October 2nd, 1937. The afternoon began with a service in the chapel followed by tea and the general meeting and nurses prize giving. At this early stage of the Leagues existence there was always a guest speaker.
In 1938 the League, ever mindful of its philanthropic ideal, decided to endow a cot as part of the reconstruction programme of the Hospital, which was called the “Nurses League Cot”. Nearly ten years later this fund was closed and the balance remaining was used to start the Bursary Fund, as we know it today.

In 1939 the planned General meeting had to be cancelled owing to the outbreak of war and all business was suspended. Some staff joined up and the children were moved from central London. The Hospital was used as a casualty clearing station. The publication of the League Journal was temporarily halted because of shortage of paper.
After the war the League went from strength to strength and both the Benevolent and Bursary Funds were established.  The AGM was moved to September and the nurses prize giving was held on a separate day.


The League today.

The AGM is held in London on the last Saturday of September. The day begins with a service in St. Christopher’s Chapel for those who wish to attend followed by coffee and registration. Mindful of the educational aims of the League lectures are then given by Hospital staff on topics - chosen by the members - of current interest followed by a question and answer session. Lunch then follows, over the years we have welcomed back many groups who have taken the opportunity to have a set re-union at this time.

The AGM is held in the afternoon followed by tea.

Both the Benevolent and General committees meet three times a year and act on behalf of all members.