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Details of proposed Set Reunions be submittied using the form below or sent to the Journal Editor by email. (Please remember to include the information required by the form.)

This form must be received by 20 March 2020 for inclusion in the next Journal.

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AGM 2020

Cancelled due to Covid 19

The Journal

New delivery arrangements

Presentation at AGM 2019

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International Nurses Day

Held at GOSH on 10 May 2019.

Our President

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Link Member recruitment

Could you be the Link Member for your county?

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Our Funds

Benevolent Fund

The Charity's objectives are for the relief of need, hardship or distress amongst past or present members of the Nurses League and dependants of members who have died.

Bursary Fund

The object of the bursary fund is to offer financial assistance to members wishing to undertake further professional education or research with relevance to paediatric nursing.

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